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Treat week!

It’s time for a treat! It’s doughnut time!

Locally made by Cegin Yve in Tycroes, they come In a box of 2 or 5 delicious treats. Order by midnight Monday! Please note that these are only available in the last week of the month – so if you like them order yours now 🙂

Veg news

We’re very excited to have such a lot of UK-grown produce available at the moment, including more locally grown stuff from our garden and The Dragon’s Garden.

British tree fruits are just coming into season. We do like to celebrate this by including as many different types of apples, plums and pears as we can manage into boxes. If you have your own fruit trees or get loads of fruit donated by neighbours then do let us know and we can include something else in your box. Just let us know.

Shop news

Jagallo Nero is a spikey version of Cavolo Nero. It has more of a delicate taste and is delicious cooked gently with some garlic and lemon zest. You could use it in pretty much any recipe which calls for kale or spinach.

The Pink Amposta onions are particularly mild and sweet which makes them a great choice for eating raw or for roasting.

Garden news

We’ve still lots of lovely herbs and some veg available in the shop as extras for next week. The regular Genovese basil sits alongside the lovely Thai basil plus chives, huacatay and parsley (curled and flat), sage and thyme.

We’ve also more runner beans and courgettes. Chillies are on their way.

We’re on holiday

Raoul & Julian are away for a week so we’re going to shut shop for the week of Monday 13 September. That means we will deliver on the 9th and then the 23rd of September. 

We are still planning how to cater to you over this period. We may introduce a bumper box to cover you for the extra week or ask you to switch to a larger box. If you build your own box, or like to add extras, please bear this in mind when making your order by midnight Monday 6th September.


We’ve got 3 little gems for you this week – Spicy Sweetcorn, Whole Roasted Onions and Jagallo Nero With Garlic And Lemon.

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