Organic Vegetable Boxes

From: £10.00

Available on a weekly, fortnightly or occasional basis. Payment is taken on Monday, for delivery by the weekend.

Small, Medium & Large Boxes will have a core of staples such as potatoes, onions and carrots with some interesting additions dependent on availability and season. See below for more details.

Gardener’s Boxes are for growers who want to compliment their own garden harvest or just to get more exotic fruit.

Contains a selection of 5-7 seven vegetables and 1-2 types of fruit depending on box size, all certified organic.

£10.00 every Monday
£15.00 every Monday
£20.00 every Monday
£15.00 every Monday
£10.00 every 2 weeks
£15.00 every 2 weeks
£20.00 every 2 weeks
£15.00 every 2 weeks

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Small Box - 5 veg, 1 fruit. Suitable for a single person or small family requiring a relatively small amount of vegetables.

Medium Box - 7 veg, 2 fruit. Suited to couples who like cooking or a small family.

Large Box - larger quantities than a Medium. Suitable for family-sized cooking.

Gardener's Box - a combination of veg and fruit unlikely to be grown in your own garden. So no potatoes, carrots, onions, but more fruit and exotic veg. 

We can customise your box, so do tell us what you like / dislike, so we can swap that out with something else 🙂   

We prioritise UK-grown produce when making our selections for these boxes. Most products, especially fruit, will come from further afield (like ginger, bananas, oranges).

All produce in our Veg Boxes are certified organic (class II), supplied to current EU organic standards by Watson & Pratt’s. Delicious, nutritious and grown with no pesticide sprays.

Product image is indicative only - produce will vary according to season and availability.