Medium Vegetable Box (weekly)

£15.00 every Monday

Contains a selection of seven vegetables, grown to organic standards.

There will be a core of staples such as potatoes, onions and carrots with some interesting additions dependent on availability and season. 

There will also be two types of fruit.

Our £15 produce box is more suited to couples who like cooking or a small family. 

How this works: Subscribe by midnight Monday and your Medium Vegetable Box will be with you by the weekend, every weekend. Your payment will be made automatically each Monday.

First payment: December 7, 2020

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All our own fruit and veg is delicious, nutritious and organically grown with no pesticide sprays. Our boxes will prioritise local, seasonal produce but, to make the boxes more interesting, we will sometimes get products from further afield (like ginger, bananas, oranges).

Any supplementary produce we buy in is organically grown too, so it meets our high standards.

Our own seeds and produce are GM-free, including our chicken feed. Food grown as nature intended.

We aim to provide people with the core crops - potatoes, carrots and onions - in their box. This will be supplemented by other types of veg, depending what's in the garden at the moment. We grow some other interesting types of varieties we hope you'll like.

We can deliver, for a charge, within around a 10 mile radius from our market garden. Delivery arrangements are still being finalised. We are more likely to be able to deliver within reasonable reach of the A40 between and around Llandovery and Llandeilo. But please get in touch with us if you are in need.

Product image is indicative only - produce will vary according to season and availability.

1 review for Medium Vegetable Box (weekly)

  1. Zelah Pengilley

    Delicious tomatoes and garlic from our fabulous box made into a tart and served with yummy yellow courgette and a lovely jacket potato. Loving everything in our box xxx

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