Large Vegetable Box (fortnightly)

£20.00 every 2 weeks

Contains a selection of seven vegetables, certified organic.

There will be a core of staples such as potatoes, onions and carrots, with some interesting additions dependent on availability and season.

There will also be two types of fruit.

Whilst the variety of vegetables is the same as our medium sized box, there is more of each variety to suit family sized cooking. 


Our boxes contain fruit and veg which is delicious, nutritious and certified organic - so grown with no pesticide sprays.

Our own seeds and produce are GM-free, including our chicken feed. Food grown as nature intended.

We aim to provide people with the core crops - potatoes, carrots and onions - in their box. This will be supplemented by other types of veg, depending what's in the garden at the moment. We grow some other interesting types of varieties we hope you'll like.

We cannot guarantee delivery. We will review your location and confirm.

Product image is indicative only - produce will vary according to season and availability.


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