Our story

We’re four good friends who got together in 2018 to grow veg and fruit for our local community. We’d all been growing our own veg for many years already so it was simply a matter of upping our production so that it wasn’t just for us.

We produced delicious boxes of seasonal fruit and veg, grown right here in Llansadwrn. We follow organic growing principles, so we’re working with nature and without pesticide sprays. The results are simply bursting with goodness – good food as nature intended.

For the last 10 years James and Lyndsey have been practising growing veg and fruit out in Carmarthenshire, whilst Julian and Raoul had been doing the same in Cardiff. Lately we joined forces to take it more seriously.

From left to right: James, Lyndsey, Sam, Raoul & Julian

Our ethics

We’re long time food campaigners as well – for years we’ve campaigned for local, pesticide free, organic and healthy food. Back in the day, we all successfully lobbied the Welsh Parliament to adopt a strong policy on GM in Wales, effectively keeping GM crops out of Wales.

We also campaigned to get the Cardiff Riverside Market happening weekly, making fairly local and fresh food available to the people of Cardiff.

We’ve always been environmentally aware and this is reflected in how we manage our market garden. We believe that food should be grown with nature and not against it. That’s why our:

🍅 seeds are responsibly sourced and GM-free
🍅 all our own fruit and vegetables are grown without pesticide sprays. Extra produce we buy in is certified organic or grown to our own high standards
🍅 our eggs come from chickens on a GM-free diet
🍅 peat is not involved in any way – we are completely peat-free
🍅 we use our own compost where possible and we also add biochar, which locks away atmospheric carbon for hundreds of years

We are restoring and maintaining a wildflower meadow, which gives us plenty of mulch and compost. We have stretches of riparian woodland with a diverse range of wildlife. And we have our veg and flower gardens – no pesticide sprays – making it a haven for pollinators like bees, hoverflies and butterflies.