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Our 1st Year Anniversary

This time last year we set out on our first deliveries as a full-on vegetable box delivery scheme.

We now have around 40 weekly box subscribers and more customers besides! So now is a good time to review where we are.

Please fill out our customer survey. Please do it now – this sort of thing is easily set aside and overlooked but we need to learn if we are to grow 🙂

Doughnut time!

It’s time for that end of the month treat!

Doughnuts from Cegin Yve are back in the shop in a range of flavours.

Order now for delivery next weekend!

Fairtrade bananas

After some lobbying we are delighted to announce that we have been able to get hold of organic Fairtrade bananas!

These cost a bit more than non-Fairtrade bananas due to the Fairtrade premium.

This is additional cash which goes into a communal fund for workers (on plantations) or farmers (in co-operatives). They are free to use this fund for their community’s priorities – usually on social, economic and environmental projects.

These often include getting better access to education, health, water and electricity.

Shop news

Lots of lovely new organic goodies in the shop this week, starting with Wye Valley asparagus!

We’ve also added Basil (from Wales/Italy/France), ‘Black Sable’ seedless grapes (Chile) and kumquats (Spain)!

Duck eggs are back, too!


We’ve run a bit of gamble this week by putting Globe artichokes in boxes, but we’ve added some helpful information about how to use them here.

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