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Newsletter 28 January

Is it warm yet?

Very cold and wet weather in the UK is presenting challenges for Winter brassicas. We have some imported broccoli this week and hope to get UK Brussels sprouts next week. If you hate Brussels sprouts (as many do) do be afraid to let us know! 

Cold weather in southern Europe has also slowed down production and raised prices of courgettes, peppers, cucumbers and aubergines but these seem to be getting better. 

We are entering the ‘Hungry Gap’ – the time of year at which we run out of stored veg from last season and don’t yet have anything from this year. We will be relying more and more on imports over the next few months.

Organic UK-grown apples are no longer available. We have some ‘Pinova’ apples from Italy which we hope you will enjoy. The Pinova apple is a cross of three different apple varieties: Britain’s Cox’s Orange Pippin, Russia’s Duchess of Oldenburg and the Golden Delicious from the US. It was developed in Communist East Germany by the Institute for Fruit Research in Dresden-Pillnitz, and was released in 1986. 

Shop News

We’ve added some herbs to the shop this week. We have coriander, parsley and mint available for curries, sauces and cocktails. 

We have reduced the price of our final few jars of honey from Bee Dazzled as they are starting to crystalise. We are still stocking some lovely Fairtrade tea, coffee and chocolate from The Dragon’s Garden so if you want to help support farmers and workers in developing countries earn a livelihood then stock up from our shop.


This week’s recipe is a delicious Broccoli & Stilton soup.

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