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Newsletter 24 Sep

Morning harvest of golden cucumbers, jalapenos and cayennes

Your veg is here!

Thank you for supporting local business by continuing to buy from us.

We hope – in the event of any future lockdown, local or otherwise – that we will be able to continue supporting you with healthy, organic fruit veg and fungi.

Your boxes this week

Small boxes this week contain a cauliflower, pointed peppers, bananas and carrots, onions and ‘Pink Fir Apple’ potatoes.

Medium+ boxes have the same plus aubergine, savoy cabbage and a variety of UK apples.

Gardener’s boxes this week contain flat mushrooms, bananas, oranges, avocados, limes, kiwis and a mango.

Shop news

New season Spanish mandarins make an appearance as do large vine tomatoes. We’ve also added purple sprouting broccoli (which should be available in subscribers’ weekly boxes next week).

We still have the delicious doughnuts from Cegin Yve as well as the Fairtrade and organic range of chocolates, drinks and other goods from The Dragon’s Garden.
The avocados are expensive as they are difficult to get hold of at the moment – sorry about that.

Garden news

We have quite a bit of our own produce in the shop for next weekend – basically anything the deer couldn’t get to or didn’t want.

We have green cayenne chilli peppers ready for harvest as well as our jalapenos which are getting bigger and taste amazing roasted with a cheesy stuffing as a side dish. We are also hoping our quince tree will have ripe fruit on it by next weekend so quince is in the shop too. Come on sunshine!

Squashes are also ready – ‘Anna Swartz’ hubbard and the ‘Uchiki Kuri’ varieties – available in different weights. We have some larger squash curing at the moment so get in touch if you want a big one.

We’ve only a few of the golden Indian ‘Poona Kheera’ cucumbers available and only a dozen eggs in the shop this week so if you like them you’ll have to be quick.

Boxes and recipes

We would be happy to collect previous boxes from you so please let us know if you’d like to do so and where we could collect them from.

Don’t forget all our recipes are also online so if you’ve misplaced a newsletter – look there! This week’s recipe is for Cauliflower Korma – a real delight!

Thank you!

The Gardd Sadwrn team

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