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Newsletter 18 February

Fairtrade Fortnight starts soon

22 February to 7 March
This is a two week celebration that brings people together across the UK to share and celebrate the stories of those people who grow our food and drinks, mine our gold and grow the cotton in our clothes. In many cases these people are exploited and underpaid – but not if you buy Fairtrade.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2021 will focus on the challenges faced by farmers and workers in the communities Fairtrade works with. The Covid pandemic has added to the changes they already face due to climate change.

If you’d like to know more and maybe join in the online festival, then go to or call 020 7405 5942.

And don’t forget we sell a variety of Fairtrade treats you can stock up on, including chocolates, tea and coffee!

Doughnuts & deliveries

Your monthly doughnut treat is available in the shop to order now, for delivery next week.
If you are ordering from Talley, Taliaris, Salem, Capel Isaac or Pentrefelin then please be aware that we won’t be able to get them to you until Friday. We are repeating the routes as we did them last week with a 3rd delivery on Friday morning.

Food Hygiene Rating

We have recently undergone our inspection as a food related premises. To our delight we received a Food Hygiene Rating of 5. We are very pleased, as you might expect, as we do work hard to keep things clean and safe for our customers.

Veg update

Even though we are deep into the hungry gap we are glad we can still provide you with fresh fruit and veg from Europe and beyond. The nadarcott mandarins (pictured) in particular taste fantastic so we hope you enjoy those.

Shop update

Cavolo nero (Italy), red grapes (South Africa), mangoes (Peru) and spring cabbages (UK) are now available in the shop.


This week’s recipe is for a perfect celeriac remoulade.


All produce in our pre-packed boxes is organic (class II), supplied to current EU organic standards.
Organic Certificates are available direct from our suppliers.
All fruit & veg should be washed prior to use. Please contact us for any allergen advice.

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