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Newsletter 11 March

Shop update

Caws Cenarth’s ‘Cryf’ strong cheddar will be back in the shop from Friday.

New in this week are kalettes, passion fruit, ‘Nicola’ new potatoes and purple sprouting broccoli. Unfortunately spinach, Jerusalem artichokes and broccoli are all out this week.

Next week’s boxes

We have planned these already and have itemised them at the top of the Shop page. As before, please let us know if we’re not stocking something you particularly like! 🙂

How we’ve grown

We have come a long way from where we began! We started off as a small market garden, growing veg and salads for friends in our local village. All our stuff is naturally grown, small-scale and with no pesticides.

Since the pandemic began we were unable to meet the rising demand. Our model is to support environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices, so to us that means organic, local and/or Fairtrade products. We talked to other local producers and a wholesaler and away we went!

We’ve now grown into a small enterprise with around 40 regular subscribers and a handful of drop-in customers. There is a lot of support for the model we believe in, for which we’re really grateful.

As we want to sell high quality Organic Vegetable Boxes we have decided to remove our own produce from future boxes, as we are not certified. Our stuff will be available, in season, in the shop as ‘Local’ items instead.

Garden news

So, with that in mind, we are preparing for this year’s growing season! We are clearing the polytunnels, getting compost in and sowing seeds.

Our homegrown plans for this year include tomatoes, chillies, squashes, runner beans, salads and herbs. We’ve erected a deer fence around the veg garden and built hedgehog hides within, to repel pests and attract predators.

We will get more chickens as our own eggs were very popular last year.

This may be because the chickens are on a healthy non-GM animal feed diet but is more likely because they are also fed ridiculously extravagant scraps from our own meals.

Julian, Lyndsey & James are all great cooks so there’s not many scraps but what there is, is seriously high-end 🙂 So we have very plump, very happy chucks. They are currently occupying one of the polytunnels as we hid them in there from avian ‘flu!


We have 2 this week: Pak Choi with Chilli & Garlic and Ginger, Pak Choi & Mushroom Soup with Noodles. We hope you enjoy them!


All produce in our pre-packed boxes is organic (class II), supplied to current EU organic standards.
Organic Certificates are available direct from our suppliers.
All fruit & veg should be washed prior to use. Please contact us for any allergen advice.

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