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Newsletter 11 February

Veg update

The cold weather across Europe and the UK has driven some prices up as crops are lost to frost. There is also the Brexit issue of not having enough workers to do the harvest so various crops are going unpicked.

That said, some prices are down this week for aubergine, peppers, courgettes and tomatoes.

Coping with February

We are currently in the Welsh hungry gap which means that there is little in our own garden – just a sprinkling of salads for us and plenty of Jerusalem artichokes. When you are growing vegetables and fruit in this climate you really appreciate how hard life must have been for our ancestors at this time when winter stores are running low and there is so little sign of life above ground.

You start to understand how chutneys and jams came about with that urgent human need to remind ourselves that the world turns and spring will come again with all its promise of new growth and warmth.

Anyhow our approach to dealing with iron cold February days is to turn to warming food, the recipes on the back are just some examples of how we banish the bleak and cold.


This week’s recipes are Parmesan Roasted Leeks and Smoky White Beans and Brussels Sprouts


All produce in our pre-packed boxes is organic (class II), supplied to current EU organic standards.
Organic Certificates are available direct from our suppliers.
All fruit & veg should be washed prior to use. Please contact us for any allergen advice

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