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Newsletter 1 October

This week’s gorgeous Medium Veg Box

Your veg is here!

Thank you for supporting local business by continuing to buy from us.

Your boxes this week

This week’s small boxes contain Orla potatoes, carrots and onions plus purple sprouting broccoli, chestnut mushrooms and bananas.

Medium+ boxes have all that plus courgettes, fennel and oranges.

Gardeners’ boxes are a bit of a challenge at this time of year and have sweet potatoes, chestnut mushrooms, red grapefruit, bananas, oranges, ginger, limes and lemongrass.

Shop news

From the Wales / England borders we are expecting supplies of amazing pears “Louise Bonne of Jersey” – a sweet, tasty, buttery dessert pear. We are planning to put them in boxes next week and they will also be in the shop.

From Spain we welcome supplies of Kaki Fruit – a type of persimmon – to the shop.

We also have Piel de Sapo melons from Spain – Piel de Sapo means “toadskin” because of the fruit’s rather rough exterior but the flesh is sweet and delicious. It’s also known as the Santa Claus Melon so get one in to start the festivities!

Garden news

Our quinces are ripening nicely but they are not ready yet so we have Spanish quinces available.

Our spaghetti squash and Musquee de Provence squash are nearly good to go but there are other squashes available.

We have a wealth of overwintering salads and Asian greens coming along in the polytunnel. We are nervously watching the lemondrop chillies in the hope that they will ripen up.

We still have plenty of green cayennes and very impressive jalapenos ready to buy. Our leeks are fattening up and soon it will be time to plant garlic.

Boxes and recipes

We would be happy to collect previous boxes from you so please let us know if you’d like to do so and where we could collect them from.

Don’t forget all our recipes are also online so if you’ve misplaced a newsletter – look there!

This week’s recipe is for Grilled courgette and fennel with saffron crumbs, but you can use purple sprouted brocolli and mushrooms instead.

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