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News 9 September

We are closed for a week

Next deliveries will be Thursday 23 September

Raoul & Julian are on holiday for a week so we won’t be delivering next Thursday 16th. You can still order up to midnight Monday 20th and it will be delivered Thursday 23rd

We will automatically suspend and then renew everyone’s subscription so if you would like to make any changes, do get in touch. Sorry for the disruption.

Shop news

Remember that we have some fantastic organic apple juice in the shop from Welsh Farmhouse near Crickhowell.

They are available in a range of flavours from sweet and fruity to a mouth puckering dry for the true enthusiast.

Garden news

We have been harvesting squashes!

We have lots of handsome golden hubbard, buttercup and uchiki kuri squashes which we are curing in the sunshine. They will be in boxes and the shop soon.

We are also finally seeing some chillies coming through. If you are a fan of chillies let us know and we can pop some into your veg box.


This week, why not try Roasted broccoli with hazelnut, tomato sauce and tahini.

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