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News 3 June

This week’s Medium box

Shop news

Our homegrown lettuces, rhubarb, salad bags, lovage, cavolo nero, dill and coriander are still available. They were very popular and there is more!

If you would like to leave a product review, please do so on the Product page. We would love to know what you think.

Website improvements

In response to requests for an information page ‘for dummies’ we have added a ‘How this works’ page to the Shop dropdown menu on the Homepage.

This new page spells out what you can expect from us and when we all do what we need to do to meet those expectations 🙂

Privacy matters

We take every measure to keep your details safe. This means deleting electronic files and destroying any paper records or order and delivery lists, as well as labels retrieved from returned boxes.

If you are able, it would really help us if you could remove your label from the box before you return it. Thank you.


We have spent some time sourcing highly ethical and environmental food-grade carrier bags to transport some goods, like our freshly harvested veg.

Some of our own produce will be damp as we might store it in water overnight. This helps flood the plant with water so it’s more fresh for you.

The Biobags are compost-able so an added touch for your compost bin and no plastic for you.

These food-bags are GM-free too.

Genetic modification

The public focus on genetically modified (GM) crops and their derivatives may have died down, but the industry is still very much alive.

Areas of concern continue to be:

  • the control that large corporations have over the food chain, especially seeds
  • the strong ties between GM crops and pesticide use and associated environmental damage
  • future impacts of GM traits, like herbicide resistance, escaping into the wild

If this is an area that concerns you, do look at GM Freeze’s website for more.

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