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News 23 March

New in the shop this week are Italian blood oranges as well as pineapples (Costa Rica), broccoli (Spain) and green pointed peppers (Spain).

Avocados and peppers remain outrageously expensive at the moment though the cost of chillies, lemons and limes has come down so prices in the shop reflect this.

Remember that you can also buy local cheese, honey and apple juice in our shop, plus Fairtrade goodies and wholefoods from The Dragon’s Garden in Llansadwrn.

Garden news

We are pressing on with weeding, clearing and sowing seeds at the moment. We have a load of chillies and tomatoes emerging in the house.

The chickens are celebrating the news that bird flu restrictions are also coming to an end and they will be liberated from the polytunnel in a few days.

Next week’s boxes

We’ve made our plans, although items may change. You can find this info at the top of the Shop page.

Feedback & promotions

We are looking for ways to increase our customer base along our existing routes. We’re open to any ideas you may have that may work well in your neighbourhood 🙂 Do get in touch!


We have 2 this week: Sweet Potato Frittata with Broccoli which goes well with a Rocket, tomato and pine nut salad
We’re having this for dinner tonight! 🙂 


All produce in our pre-packed boxes is organic (class II), supplied to current EU organic standards.
Organic Certificates are available direct from our suppliers.
All fruit & veg should be washed prior to use. Please contact us for any allergen advice.

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