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News 18 March


It’s time for doughnuts! In the shop this week for delivery by next weekend.

Shop update

We are still in the hungry gap and we are working hard to find interesting things for your boxes. That said, you have no idea how close you all were to getting chicory this week!

The new potatoes we were hoping for are a no go as our suppliers despair of getting them into the country, thanks to thankless Brexit paperwork.

The lush strong ‘Cryf’ cheese is in the shop although we only have 4 so if you want them buy them soon!

Now that the sunshine is becoming more apparent the appeal of chilled apple juice is returning 🙂

Red peppers have gone up in price. We tried some of the Greek pointed peppers but weren’t too keen on them so they aren’t in the shop.

Cucumbers switch from Spanish to Dutch. We are also beginning to see British brassicas coming through (spring greens, kalettes, purple sprouting broccoli and cauliflower).

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