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News 15 July

The exotic Huacatay (pronounced wa-cah-tai (as in tie))

Garden news

Herbs are coming along well so we have added some of our own basil, flat leaf and curly parsley to the shop this week.

The Peruvian mint Huacatay is gaining fans locally with one customer onto her fourth order. This is a minty, aniseed, citrusy herb, with some sensing hints of coriander and tarragon too. Quite the taste sensation.

We’ve got some lovely lettuces and salad greens coming along too. We’re very hopeful for the chillies, runner beans and tomatoes but we’re not harvesting those yet. And the squash bed is looking nicely vibrant.

Shop news

More and more UK-grown produce is becoming available as the season heats up. We have green kale in boxes this week and are planning green beans and and British beetroots next week.

The kale and beans are in the shop now, as is cavolo nero from the borders. We’ve switched the Dutch cucumbers to British mini cucumbers.

Pembrokeshire new potatoes have dropped in price in our shop and we’re also planning to put them in our standard boxes next week. We are happy to see the start of Spanish onion season as well.

Brassica news

We’re still busy getting our brassicas into the ground. We’re not sure how hopeful to be although we do have plenty. They are quite late this year thanks to our lack of a proper Spring.

Other growers have been more successful in growing, but not so much since, unfortunately. According to the UK Brassica Growers Association those crops may rot in the fields and not even make it to the supermarkets.

Food production costs have risen due to dramatic rises in the price of machinery, components and fertilisers. There is also a shortage of seasonal labour to harvest the crops and of drivers to transport them.

So a combination of Brexit and Covid means a hard time for many British growers. At a small scale we are fortunate to escape the bulk of this. However we are well aware of the difficulties of obtaining certain goods as they may or may not be delayed in getting into the UK or getting around once in.

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