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New local produce and amazing Thai basil

New in the shop

We’re stocking some extra locally grown produce from The Dragon’s Garden in Llansadwrn.

Wholesale supplies of beetroot and garlic have been getting a bit dull recently so we have some really delicious new season crops from just down the road. The Dragon’s Garden, like us, is not organically certified but everything there is grown with lots of manure from Mandy’s horses and no nasty pesticides.  

In other news, we have some pink ‘D’Amposta’ onions from Spain – a mild onion which is ideal for eating raw, maybe with a bit of strong cheese. Like the lovely ‘Cryf’ which is back in the shop.

We are planning to put the onions into boxes next week (the plan may be seen on the Shop or Holiday pages on our website).

Also new in the shop are Jagallo Nero: a beautiful spiky kale, savoy cabbages and sweetcorn.

Halloumi will be back on Friday afternoon so do come back if you’d like some.

Garden news

We’ve started a bit of a basil collection this year, with types like the usual Genovese basil (pictured top) as well as Thai basil (pictured above), Cinnamon basil and Greek basil too.

The Thai basil has grown sufficiently to go in the shop this week but we hope to share some of the rest with you as the year goes on 🙂

We still have our own sage, chives, regular basil, huacatay, curled & flat leafed parsley, thyme, salad packs, courgettes and rhubarb. 

£100k plant giveaway in Devon

Both Raoul and Lyndsey are absolutely tamping that they can’t get to Devon this weekend.

3 Plants Galore garden centres are forced to give away £100,000 worth of their plants!

Unsold plants would normally be returned to the nursery for sale the next year, but Brexit-related staff shortages mean they don’t have the people to look after them.


We have 2 this week, for Sichuan Style Stir-Fried Green Beans and Peppers and a Chinese Broccoli with Garlic Sauce.

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