How this works

We aim to provide our customers with delicious, healthy food with an ethical focus. We specialise in food which is either organic, locally sourced or Fairtrade.

We offer a range of pre-planned fruit & veg boxes. You can subscribe to a regular box, which you can add to if you like, or you can build your own box by shopping for whatever you fancy.

Our cut-off point for new subscriptions and orders is midnight Monday. We will deliver it by the following Friday.

See below for more details and our timelines.

Subscribe to a regular box

Subscribe by midnight Monday and your box will be delivered by the following Friday every week or fortnight.

Subsequent payments will be taken first thing Monday morning, so if you want to change your subscription, please do so by midnight on Sunday.

An account is automatically set up for you as you progress through checkout. Please remember to click the delivery fee if you are not collecting.

The Subscription tab on your account page will let you ‘Switch your box’ to a different type of box or to suspend/reactivate your subscription. Again, please do this before midnight Sunday, so the correct payment is taken on Monday.

Your account also allows you to change your details, including payment methods at any time.

Please do talk to us if you have any concerns about what you may get in your box. Our boxes contain both organically certified produce plus some which has been grown locally but is not certified as organic. If you would like a box containing only organically certified produce then let us know.

We are adept enough at this now to be able to customise a box for you. So let us know what you fruit and veg like and dislike and we will pack your box accordingly 🙂

Add to your order

We have a range of other groceries not included in the pre-planned boxes. Choose from our selection of organic, local and Fairtrade goods and add them to your order.

If you are already paying a delivery fee with a subscription then select the ‘Free delivery for subscribers’ when ordering these extras.

Shop as you like

You can order a one-off box whenever you like, or build your own. These payments are taken immediately, but they will be delivered by the Friday when we make our deliveries.

Our timelines

Your deadline to order is midnight Monday. So our working week runs from midnight Monday to midnight Monday.

On Tuesday we process the orders to be delivered Thursday/Friday.

We usually plan our boxes for the following week on a Wednesday and we tell you about it on the Shop page then. We can do you an organic-only box on request. Otherwise we will include our own produce in boxes, on occasion and when in season.

We usually send an email newsletter on Friday with the latest news, prompting people to order over the weekend.

Sunday is the day for you to make any changes to your subscription with us.

Monday is the final day to order, until the shop closes at midnight.


We can deliver, for a charge, within around a 10 mile radius from us. We usually deliver on Thursday, sometimes Friday.

We are more likely to be able to deliver within reasonable reach of the A40 between and around Llandovery and Ammanford. But please get in touch with us if you are in need.