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Exciting survey results & our changes

Shop news

We have some of our own things in the shop this week!

We have homegrown cavolo nero, lettuces, rhubarb, salad bags, lovage, dill and coriander. All images are our own and taken the day before yesterday. The lettuce will be bigger by Thursday 🙂  

We have also added melon cantaloupes and jalapeno chillies (both from Spain) and conference pears (Holland).

Exciting survey results

Thank you all again for filling in our survey. The vast majority of our existing customers responded which was very helpful and we gained some insight from a few ex-customers too.

Overwhelming support for local – all but one respondent supported including non-certified, locally grown produce in boxes – so long as it has been grown in environmentally friendly ways, following organic principles. This support is very encouraging news to ourselves and will be for other growers too.

Key factor – most of you heard about us from a friend and family member or from general word of mouth. Never mind us advertising – we just need you to get chatting!

Thank you all also for your lovely feedback. In these hard times it is great to know that we are spreading some joy and are valued for it. As our delivery drivers often tell us on their return, 

“There’s a lot of love out there!”

Changes to our boxes

Almost all of you told us that you would like to see more locally grown produce in our boxes and that this was more important than organic certification. So we are making some changes to our boxes.

If you would like to have a box which only contains certified organic produce then we can still do that – just let us know. If you are happy to receive some things which have been grown locally to high environmental, standards – but are not certified organic – then we will sometimes add these to boxes.

We will make clear where all produce has come from in our newsletter. The main immediate change you will see is that we have added some of our own garden produce to the shop and to a new ‘Our garden’s selection’ on our homepage.

All of this means that we are no longer allowed to market our boxes as “organic veg boxes”. However you can be assured that everything in them will have been produced to high environmental standards. If you want 100% organic certified fruit and veg then you can have that too. Just tell us.

Our garden is too small and not currently profitable enough to be worth paying more than ÂŁ500 a year to get certified as organic, but we hope to get there one day.


This week’s recipe is for a wonderful Roasted Fennel, Mushroom and White Bean Brown Rice Gratin. Give it a go and let us know what you think 🙂 

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