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*Easter Special* on organic, local apple juice

It’s April’s Fool’s Day!

Hope you didn’t get your leg pulled too hard!
None of the information in this newsletter is a pun. Always pull legs responsibly 🙂

*Easter Special*

Apple juice! To celebrate spring we’ve got a special deal on delicious organic apple juice from Welsh Farmhouse based in Crickhowell.

There are a range of juices from dry to sweet so you can feed it to the kids or mix it with some gin. Bottles are available in the shop at just £3 each for the next two weeks.

Shop update

It’s still quite a tricky time on the fruit and veg markets with a lack of UK grown produce and some imported things becoming really expensive.

The cost of chillies has nearly doubled in a week and Spanish cherry tomatoes are more expensive than Peruvian ginger. We are expecting new season tomatoes from the Isle of Wight soon.

We have also been able to get our hands on some new season Spanish asparagus. It’s really expensive but we’ve included it in case you really can’t resist. Hopefully we’ll get some UK-grown stock within a few weeks.  

We are also now shifting from northern to southern hemisphere fruits and we have added some lovely Red Bartlett pears from Argentina to the shop.

Next week’s boxes

Can be viewed on the Shop page.


This week’s recipe is for a truly delicious Easy Carrot Cake. Give it a try – it’s a great way to sneak carrots into people like Raoul 🙂

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