Covid-19 procedures

Objective: To minimise the risk of Covid-19 entering our premises and, if it does enter, being passed on to customers.

At the first onset of any recognised Covid-19 symptoms, such as a fever, we will close the shop until test results return negative. We will alert you as soon as the decision is made and let you know what will happen next. If they return positive we will follow the latest guidelines on isolating before reopening.

Main points of risk identified:

  • Transfer from harvester to crop as our own produce is picked in the garden
  • Potentially contaminated packaging from external suppliers
  • Contact between contaminated incoming packaging and clean packing for sale
  • Transfer from packers to produce or packaging
  • Transfer from or to delivery driver as deliveries are made
  • Exchange of cash between us and suppliers or customers

Stages of risk and mitigating actions:

  • Harvesting our own produce
    • Wash hands and harvesting equipment thoroughly
  • We collect veg from others
    • Clean car thoroughly
    • Load car safely with use of sanitiser and face masks
    • Or we collect from supplier while maintaining 2m distance
      • Driver to hand sanitise thoroughly before and after loading car
  • Veg arrives at our premises
    • If driver loaded car then s/he unloads produce into the packing room
    • Place and open all packaging for easy access and minimal contact between packers and external packaging
    • Discard any packaging that can be lost
    • Driver goes to change clothes and shower
    • Non-packer to wipe down / spray jeep with disinfectant – door handles, in and out, all plastic bits inside
  • Veg is packed into bags and boxes for distribution
    • NO contact to be made between packaging and our boxes
    • Regular hand washing between veg
    • Boxes moved out of room when packed and into car
  • Driver contacts gates, doors, door knockers
    • Driver has soapy spray, sanitiser, hot water in car
    • Delivery driver to step well back from door and maintain at least 2m distance from customer at all times
  • Collection of previous box?
    • After assessing the latest science we have concluded that it is safe to collect and reuse our packing boxes
  • Exchange of cash
    • This presents too much of a risk so all payments will be made or received online

Customers collecting from the gate:

  • Arrange time with customer to reduce risk of customer overlap and interaction
  • Wash hands and wear mask to take produce to gate
  • Maintain at least 2m distance from customer at all times

Policy last reviewed: 19 January 2021

Previous revision 17 May 2020