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Your investment – our vision

We would like to thank all our customers for being so loyal to us. It’s greatly appreciated and if there’s anything we can do to improve what we offer we are always really pleased to hear from you.

As a team we understand the real importance of developing resilience in local agriculture. Our vision is for a local network of growers and buyers of local food. Your investment with us is allowing us to explore ideas and projects that support exactly that. Much of our current supply is from Europe – this is so we have enough veg to run a basic veg box scheme sustainably. But our aim is to have more and more local food in our boxes.

So far we have been selling fresh and dried shiitake mushrooms from Coed Talylan in Bethlehem and hope to get oyster mushrooms from them soon too. We will be selling lettuces and blackcurrants from another local grower in Llansadwrn. We are also selling a selection of Fairtrade goods from local The Dragon’s Garden. This is in addition to our own produce which we are gradually adding into boxes, or adding as Extras when we can. We are talking to a number of other local farmers to source potatoes, beetroot, salads and other items for our boxes. Your support is making this possible and is helping these businesses stay afloat.

By buying from us you are making a huge contribution towards building a stronger local economy. As businesses diversify to endure the pandemic they will need local customers and support. Whilst supermarkets may offer a wider variety and choice, for the time being, it is worth remembering that their profits go to unknown shareholders. In contrast, our profits will go towards sustaining and growing this network of local businesses.

These are troubled times. We are seeing interesting fluctuations in food prices at the moment and we expect more to come. We are aware that over the next 6 months there will be increasingly large pressures on food supplies as the pandemic continues to hit farm labour hard. We have peculiar weather patterns to contend with which has already caused some crops to fail unexpectedly. This is likely to continue and to worsen as governments fail to take the urgent and meaningful action necessary to tackle climate change. We face massive uncertainties about trading with our largest food supplier on the continent and are under intense pressure to accept the USA’s lower food standards and labelling regulations.

All of this is putting real pressure on global supply chains. This has encouraged us to put increasing efforts into resourcing a local food supply. We will never be able to produce things like bananas and oranges sustainably in this country. However we can focus our efforts on the things we can grow locally, whilst continuing to buy in more exotic foods.

Thank you for helping us and our network to get where we are today. We hope you continue to support what we are doing as lockdown lifts and restrictions ease.

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Covid-19 – our response

The Covid-19 pandemic, and Brexit before that, have revealed numerous flaws in the way our economy works.

Almost immediately supermarkets began running out of food, especially fresh fruit and veg. As people were urged to stay indoors it has become difficult if not impossible for some, more vulnerable, people to get food.

We wanted to make sure that people beyond our immediate community could get access to healthy, naturally grown, nutritious, good food.

As a result we have decided to buy in extra produce to supplement our own. Anything we buy in will be certified organic, to ensure it meets our high environmental standards (i.e GM-free and pesticide-free).

See here for details of the steps we are taking to keep ourselves and you safe.

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Here’s to 2019!

Sunflower and bee
19 Jul 2018 sunflower and bee

In 2018 we made a good start in getting the garden cleared and growing again. We’ve added loads of manure and compost to the soil and we’ve started a three year crop rotation around the vegetable plot. We had a great year for beans, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers and squashes. The celeriac and Brussels sprouts didn’t do so well.

We all agree that this year we want to grow more. We set up a small greenhouse (generously donated by James’ mother) and built staging to go in it. We’ve also improved our other indoor growing spaces to make the most of them.

Our friends John and John cleared the water soldiers from clogging our pond, with enthusiastic support from the dog. We wanted that to be ready for when the frogs start breeding.

Next up was sowing seeds to go into these new houses. Customers who enjoyed our chillies will be delighted that we’ve re-sown lemondrop chillies and chocolate habanero chillies as well as others. Tomatoes, sweet peppers and aubergines have gone in too. Over the next few weeks we will sow a range of flowers with a view to start a cut flower garden.

And we’ve finally made marmalade! Nine jars of it but we don’t expect them to last long.

Here’s to 2019! Onward and upwards and on a full belly!