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Covid disruptions

Christmas Veg Box Update: the issues at the Dover-Calais crossing means that we can’t get mushrooms this week.

Imports of chestnuts have also been affected. We’ll replace the mushrooms in our Christmas boxes with broccoli and the chestnuts (in large and deluxe boxes) with some amazing Medjoul dates.

If you’ve ordered mushrooms as an extra then you’ll be refunded. Sorry, everyone!

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Final Christmas notice!

Next week (17th December) will be your last regular delivery of the year.

You’ve got until this midnight Sunday (13th December) to order one of our carefully selected Christmas veg boxes or put together your own choices.

We’ll deliver them on 23rd or 24th December.

We’re then taking the week off to get drunk and eat unsold pickled pears 🙂

So even if you don’t want a load of veg for Christmas week you may want to get more than your usual order to last you two weeks!

As well as fruit and vegetables you can order our delicious Christmas hampers, local cheeses, apple juice and honey to be delivered just before Christmas.

If you’d like anything from the Dragon’s Garden selection of Fairtrade and wholefoods you will have to buy them with your next weekly delivery (by midnight 14 December).

More stuff in small boxes

People have noted that there have been more fruit and veg in small boxes at the moment. This is due to recent UK harvests of carrots, onions and potatoes. As these are cheap we are able to put more in boxes – including a bit more variety in small boxes.
We hope you’ve been enjoying it!


Sweet potato and tomato frittata